5 Ways To Announce Your Engagement

You just got engaged. Congratulations! You're probably dying to shout the news from your roof. But it's important to use tact when announcing your engagement.

Family and close friends may be hurt to discover the big news at the same time as 2,000 of your Instagram followers.

Here are 5 ways to announce your engagement to ensure everyone in your real life and social circles get to celebrate your big news.

ways to announce your engagement

1. Deliver the News in Person

Before you post a single thing to Facebook or take a #ringselfie for Instagram, share your excitement with family and close friends first. Nothing beats hearing the news in person, so try to tell them face-to-face. If distance makes that impossible, use Facetime or Skype - or even just an old-fashioned voice call to let them know.

2. Post to Social Media 

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram—pick your favorite channel and let your engagement go viral. Take a gorgeous #ringselfie (don't forget to get your nails done!) and post a picture with your new fiance. 

3. Send a Video 

If your fiancé hired a videographer to capture the proposal, share the highlight video by email or on social media. 

4. Mail an Invitation

Nothing says celebration like a party. Even if people have already heard the news, make it official with an engagement party.

5. Get It Published 

Go super old school and submit your engagement announce to the local newspaper. Your grandmother will beam with pride, and you'll have a cool keepsake for your scrapbook.

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