Tips For Planning A Beach Wedding

Dreaming of a seaside beach wedding?

There's nothing more romantic than hearing the sounds of ocean, feeling the sand between your toes, and breathing in the fresh, ocean air. If you're planning on getting married on the beach, follow these top tips to ensure your wedding day is smooth sailing.

1. Hire a Planner

While it may seem like getting married on the beach will be a literal breeze, we recommend hiring a planner to handle the unforeseen logistics of a beach wedding. Whether you need a permit for a specific area, or you need someone to handle hordes of sunbathers plopped down where your altar will be, it's good to have a pro on hand to help with these sticky situations.

2. Pick the Right Time

The harsh afternoon sun can be brutal in many seaside locations. High temperatures are not for everyone, especially older folks and young kids. To avoid the heat (and the crowds), consider a morning or sunset ceremony.

Can't schedule your ceremony at one of these times? Go ahead and have it in the afternoon, but find a shady spot on the beach that's likely to catch a cool breeze.

Check what the weather will be like, and share the information with guests via your wedding website so they can dress accordingly. Bonus tip: check the tide schedule online: Tides coming in are noisier than going out — you'd hate for your vows to be drowned out by high tide.


3. Take All the Photos

Hire a photographer who is experienced at shooting beach weddings. Photographers who haven't shot a beach wedding before may be inexperienced with the different lighting techniques needed for this environment.

Take advantage of the beauty of your natural surroundings: waves crashing in the distance, a sunset backdrop beside the water's edge. For great candids, loosen up. Kick the sand, turn a cartwheel, or simply stroll hand in hand. Remember - it never hurts to have a list of must-have shots for your photographer.

4. Wear the Appropriate Attire

If you know you're getting married on the beach, don't even bother trying on ball gowns. Seaside weddings call for lightweight attire — think light, airy fabrics in boho or flowing styles for your wedding gown, and linen suits with loose shirts and pants for your groom. Feel free to accessorize with a simple sarong, and kick the shoes off to really enjoy your beachy ceremony.

5. Be Inspired with Food

Whether you're having a beach wedding in Mexico or a Mediterranean seaside ceremony in the South of France, your menu should be inspired by the local culture.

If you're getting married in Hawaii, for example, incorporate local foods such as poi and roast pig. Similarly, Caribbean choices could include jerk chicken and fresh seafood. Also take into consideration the temperature — many foods will spoil in the heat, and fondant is a much safer choice for your wedding cake if the temp outside will be hot and muggy.

6. Find Flowers with Staying Power

No wedding is complete without beautiful blooms. But direct sunlight and heat can quickly kill flowers. Consult a local florist for help on choosing the right flowers for your beach celebration.

Some flowers that thrive in this sunny, warm environment include orchids, plumeria and hibiscus. 

7. Have a Backup Plan

Sometimes Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with your lifelong wedding plans. So having a backup plan in case of rain or strong winds is a must when it comes to having a beach wedding.

Rent a tent for shelter from rain. And make arrangements in advance with a nearby hotel or event hall in case your outdoor soiree becomes a total washout.

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